What People Say!

Assist in headstandInsights & Reflections from Others

Oh man, I loved your class! It was so different from anything I had ever experienced in yoga.  Your class truly inspired me to find new creative outlets as a teacher, a therapist and as an individual. I love what your are doing!  -A.Walters, Key West, FL

You ABSOLUTELY do teach something different.  You obviously and very clearly help people feel super connected to their bodies. You are teaching intuition and you do it in such a confident, fun and light way that it is easy for me to let go…let go of resistance, of previous teachings so I can be in my body…in a fun way!  – G. Mills, Key West, FL

Kyra and Meredith at Glastonbury Tor You gracefully and sacredly highlighted for me the way to joyfully strengthen the weakest spots of my practice.  Your beautiful, intuitive ways brought my awareness to those areas that would make the most difference for me to strengthen and develop both physically and spiritually.  This will move mountains in my own practice and will bring a deeper, more empowering relationship with me and my students.  – C. Kent, Whistler, BC