Ways to Witness the Divine Design

Meredith Holcomb - Mimosa

I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting, pondering, considering – who am I, really?  If I am created by Divine Design what is this thing with ego that seems to keep getting in my way?  One moment I can feel the expansiveness, beauty, order, balance and peacefulness of creation as I observe and appreciate nature and wildlife.  The next moment, I might be consumed with paying attention to and getting absorbed with the commentary and dialogue of my thoughts.

My Higher Self knows that these thoughts are fleeting, changing, presenting perceptions – misperceptions, at best, so how could I even give these thoughts attention?  Well, this is where practice comes in for me.

I do have enough practice in knowing how to shift my attention from belief and misperception to simple, abiding, everlasting Truths and yet, I emphasize again, that for me it is a constant practice.  Allowing the grand, pristine panorama of nature to lead me back to the feeling tone that all is well, that everything is in its perfect state, expressing, yielding, responding, blossoming – following it’s natural order within the Universal blueprint of Divine Design is the practice.

I love flowers, color, birds, animals, natural sounds, rhythms and vistas that nature presents.   I love walking in the audible silence of God’s magnificent creation.  It grounds me, it definitely uplifts me.  It is free of human emotion and therefore, can help me reconnect to a present peace that I know is there in spite of the stories, dialogue and confusion that my thoughts might offer up to get my attention.

Part of my daily practice – an effortless, albeit conscious one for me is to bare witness to the Divine Design wherever I might be.  Flowers and color do it for me in a big way – they can stoke me with joy instantaneously.

These recent, beautiful photos illustrate ways in which I have been witnessing the Divine Design.

How about letting your practice today be a simple one!  Allow the Divine Design to reveal itself to you by simple noticing, witnessing the beauty that is unfolding around you within nature.  Ask yourself, “What am I really seeing here?”.

Perhaps you are already tuned in to this practice.  If so, how do you witness and experience the Divine Design?
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  1. I love how you pegged what it feels like to, at one moment, be tuned in to the perfect harmony and order around us and then the next, be distracted by everything else. You put into words one of the things I love about nature so much: It is free of human emotion and therefore, can help me reconnect to a present peace that I know is there. Thank you!

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