Valuable Links

Welcome to M Yoga Studio’s list of valuable resources to further inspire your practice and spiritual development.


INSPIRATION – TRANSFORMATION – MEDITATION ~ Modern day enlightened woman imparting practical truths for living in the sacred every day! ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi homepage. Books, publications, photos ~ He almost needs no expounding upon!  Read “A New Earth”, it says it all! ~ Mirabai has done the most amazing contemporary translations of the Spanish mystics St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Her reflections and writings are not to be missed!  I feel better reading anything she writes! ~ Cool articles on Spiritual Metaphysics, Waking up, Chakras, and Being Real!!! ~ This is one of the most extensive websites for just about everything metaphysical. Anything you want to know from crystal bowls to the Great Shift!


CROP CIRCLES – SACRED GEOMETRY ~ During the Summer crop circle season, this is the site to check for daily sitings and postings of formations! ~ BEST CROP CIRCLE PHOTOS!!! Steve and Karen Alexander also run the Summer Crop Circle Lectures – the leading symposium for what’s going on REAL time in the fields every summer! ~ The Maestro of “croppie” kingdom!  His insights and wit are unsurpassed! ~ Dutch researcher Janet Ossebard has done a phenomenal job with this colorful and informative site on crop circles, balls of lights, anomalies, and much more!!! ~ Freddy Silva, a leading researcher and lecturer on Crop Circles. He’s super fun to listen to and makes good connections to how & why they are affecting us, what it means for each of us and how crop circles hold healing potential. ~ Good intro to sacred geometry information. ~ Research, workshops, and Merkaba meditation intensives.


YOGA & RESOURCES ~ A great yoga resource providing information on the different styles of yoga, meditation, classic texts, books, supplies. ~ Everything from teachers, retreats, to alternative healing, and literature ~ Extensive resource for studios, workshops, retreats both global and nationwide ~ Great site for info on Hindu Gods/Goddesses, chants, ayurveda, yoga traditions, etc.


SANSKRIT – CHANTING – MANTRA ~ Great reference site on Sanskrit, chant and Hinduism ~ An incredible array of inspirational and metaphysical poetry. ~ Sound healer, explorer, innovator extraordinaire!


MUSIC ~ Awesome selection of music for yoga, meditation, healing, dancing, you name it! ~ Standard and unique selections!