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Quiet Touch Energy Sessions

What is a Quiet Touch Energy Session?
A Quiet Touch Energy session is an opportunity for you to enter the realm of stillness and silence where deep healing can occur on multiple levels – physical, emotional and mental.

The way of the world distracts us from perceiving and experiencing our true, eternal essence – the aspect of us that is free from worry and stress, in harmony with life, in need of nothing, creative and at one with divine, unconditional love.

Quiet Touch Energy sessions can facilitate and help restore balance within the whole human energy system.  The intention of Quiet Touch is to bring the receiver into conscious awakening gracefully by helping to ease and reduce the stress that keeps one blocked from the free-flow of harmonized energy and clear communication that by Divine Design, is always flowing to us and through us.  When physical, emotional and mental blockages are cleared, health and well-being are restored.

What can you expect during a session?
You can expect to be honored and cared for deeply as you lie fully clothed on a table or bed.  Meredith uses an intuitive technique of nourishing, hands on contact to the body in combination with light hovering of her hands over various areas when guided and as needed as a means to assist you in self-activating your own energy flow and awareness of your connection to the divine within.

Sessions can be given almost anywhere.
If would like to schedule an appointment, please email Meredith for availability.

75 minute session – $75   (Cash or check)