Creative Intuitive Yoga

M Yoga Studio Meredith Holcomb yoga What is Creative Intuitive Yoga?

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Are you ever inspired or encouraged to really break free in your yoga practice and unleash your own creative vibe? Do you ever practice by using your intuition in a way that considers your magnificence?

You are made by Divine Design. Your mind-body temple is hardwired to receive divine communication. The amazing, thoughtful architect of the Divine Design, the Source of All that is, has imbued you with an intuitive ability to tap into a well-spring of eternal possibilities that are yours to experience and express freely, courageously, dynamically with your body and your mind.

I am here to help you break free of unconscious habits and limiting systems so you can fly fearlessly and freely within your own radiant, unique self-expression.

Final Day in Yurt 2010 M Yoga Masterclasses are intuitively designed to teach you how to tune into and trust your own intuitive, creative impulses.

Each session incorporates a unique combination of crystal bowl toning, chanting, natural breath work, and organic asana sequences that inspire and reveal that which you are – a free, unique, creative spark of the Divine.

Creative Intuitive Yoga weekend trainings and series provide a more comprehensive opportunity to go deeper into the exploration, understanding and implementation of tuning in to Inner Guidance, how to trust what it reveals and how to let it become the guiding influence in the development of one’s own uniquely creative practice.

Included in this training:
– Toning and Chanting practices with a crystal singing bowl
– Explanation of the Divine Design within our bodies and how this information can assist us in the yoga practice.
– Meditations to help you connect to Inner Guidance.
– Creative Intuitive Yoga sequences guided by Meredith that support personal development and implementation of how to use Inner Guidance.

(M Yoga Masterclasses are suited to those with an established yoga practice, who can comfortably self-modify and are willing to explore creative yoga sequencing in a non-traditional way!)