The Art of Intuitive Adjustments

Intuitive Adjustments What is The Art of Intuitive Adjustments?

The Art of Intuitive Adjustments is an advanced teaching method 
that will revolutionize the way you teach yoga.

The 10 hour module is designed to develop and refine
 a new level of awareness and intuition for you 
as the yoga instructor. 

It will awaken unforeseen ways to support your students in 
accessing their own inner wisdom and connection to subtle energetic alignments.

Foundational concepts covered in this training include:
– How to teach from your Sacred Space.
– Observing lines of energy and intuiting how they flow.
– Application and refinement of both giving and receiving simple, transformative 
hands-on adjustments.

These practices lead to a highly evolved way of teaching and ultimately, being.

The Art of Intuitive Adjustments can be offered as a weekend segment for 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings and is appropriate for experienced yoga instructors
, teachers in training and healing arts practitioners.

To schedule this training in your studio, please email Meredith