About Meredith

Meredith Holcomb yoga M Yoga Studio Welcome!

I love the creative, intuitive practice of yoga!  I am so grateful for the way in which it has refined and delivered me into a more authentic experience of unfolding and expressing who I really am.  I love sharing this practice with others, teaching yoga teachers and practitioners how to connect to higher guidance – a guidance that is always communicating, telling us about our unique signature of divine self-expression, a guidance that frees us from limitation and shows us our magnificence.

I am convinced that within the truth of our being, we are designed to be free and individually expressed, lighting up the whole of creation as unique sparks of the divine!  Deep within, we know we are meant to shine!  Yoga is an amazing way to do it.  The strength and gift within my teaching is being able to liberate teachers and students from perceived and often imperceptible limitation in order to expand their creative intuitive abilities  – no matter the method, style or yoga lineage one practices.

For many years, I have been studying and exploring a variety methods and styles.  Every lineage has something to offer and all have enhanced and contributed to the richness of my practice. While these systems served to create a strong foundation, I kept feeling an inner pull towards more freedom of my self-creative expression when I was practicing on my own. M Yoga Studio Meredith Holcomb yoga Curious about where this inner pull was drawing me, I began paying more attention to the voice within.  This voice was compelling and inspiring me to try new things, breaking me free of all the “shoulds” within my mind, delivering me again and again into my own unique ability to channel sequences from their energtic phrasing.  I literally started to have the experience of the divine design unfolding itself within me and through me.

This is the voice of my higher guidance.  We each have this voice.  I know this voice to be my Angels or Celestial Support Team (CST – angels, guides, a yoga muse, higher self, etc). You’ve got them too, trust me!

When I tune in to my Angels, I get clear visuals of the divine design of creation within the practice silence, quiet observation, toning with my crystal bowl and body movement.  My awareness of how the energy wants to manifest invokes a freedom, flexibility and unimaginable creativity and strength that comes from a realm far beyond thoughts, muscles, bones and their combined story.  It is the most comprehensive, deeply intuitive experience of yoga I continue to have to this day.

The creative, intuitive aspects that make up M Yoga have evolved from years of devotion to self-practice, which is where the magic of yoga resides.  The most rewarding investment you could make in yourself is to start a home practice. Dedicate even a small amount of time by yourself on the mat.  It’s simply the best.  Inevitably, you will meet the sacred space within where you can hear communication coming from your own higher guidance!  The more you practice, the more you will be able to trust with greater ease and conviction the inspirations coming to you that are meant to be expressed through you in a perfectly unique way. This is the sparkle, the radiance of you that is here in the world with magnificent purpose!

Meredith Holcomb yoga M Yoga Studio My own yoga journey continues to be nothing short of exciting, expansive, challenging and rewarding, always leaving me in awe of the benevolence and magnificence of the divine design that is living inside me.  If this template is within me, I know it also resides within you. Imagine what you can do when you tap into this truth! My teaching is designed to help liberate you from limitation so you can unleash your creative intuitive abilities.

M Yoga Studio has a unique status as we are not bound to one geographic location. We are a mobile, global yoga sanctuary, creating sacred learning environments wherever we are.  M Yoga Studio provides foundational teachings in how to connect with and implement higher guidance from sacred space in order to experience the magnificence of who you are through the practice of yoga!

Join us in one of our favorite spots around the globe for an M Yoga Retreat, Creative Intuitive Yoga Workshop or Masterclass. If you would like to host us in your town, studio or sacred space, please connect with us.  We are mobile and we look forward to seeing with you on the road!

With very big love,